Deep Dropping

Offshore Islamorada is full of deep water mounds and ledges in depths ranging from 500 feet to well over 1,000 feet. These ledges are smack dab in the middle of the warm waters of the Gulfstream. These mounds and ledges are full of the deep water bottom fish.

This is some of the most interesting type of fishing I know. Imagine this you bait submerged into the black abyss some 1,000 feet below the surface, and then suddenly your rod tip begins to bounce. You flip the switch on the reel and then it starts, the fight begins sometime its short lived but other times it a battle! You truly never know what you may bring up from these depths. Some common catches are Queen Snapper, Snowy Grouper,Yellow Edge Grouper, Yellow Eye Snapper and Tilefish.

Gulf Wreck

Islamorada is strategically located in the middle of the Florida Keys giving the angler the opportunity to fish the Gulf of Mexico. The Gulf is full of shallow water wrecks and rock piles. These structures attract numerous species like Goliath Grouper, Cobia, Jacks and Big Sharks. These are specialty charters; call Captain Chris for details and rates.


Just miles off the coast you find the untouched waters of the Bahamas, offering catches of Grouper, Muttons, and other reef dwelling fish. Offshore you will find mahi-mahi, monster Wahoo and Big Tunas. Call Captain Chris for details and rates.

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